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New Virily Changes Need Explanation

Was on the site earlier and things were normal. Now I notice many changes. Format changes. The font is smaller on the posts and the Ranks page. The photo automatically uploaded with this post, without two steps like usual. Everywhere I look there are changes. 

Changes can be good, but an explanation would  be helpful.

The profile is setup differently. Many changes I am still finding. But I have not found a message from Virily to let us know about the changes. That would be nice Virily. Why not let us know what changes are happening?

Instead we are left to figure out what is different and what is going on. Explanation would be nice!

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    Changes in the site should be explained, many agree, some don’r right?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Why not at least put a banner across the top of the site with a message, yes?

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    • No


What do you think?

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Written by Carol DM

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  1. I still haven’t found where our drafts are stored or went to. If anyone has found this, please send me a message! Otherwise, I like the changes. However, a notice should be sent out to all the members or a banner posted.

  2. Was on Virily earlier today. Now it is late evening and everything looks different. Is it good or bad? Only time will tell. I read somewhere that Estonia (where Virily is stationed) is Europe’s Nigeria. I just hope it is not true…

  3. Yeah, well right, same old same old, right Carol? No comms from Admin. Besides all the stuff everyone has mentioned, my experience is all of the above as well,(missing posts, etc.) with an additional one, I know that I have been on the site for 4 years, I was member number 107 yet I was never credited for it badges-wise, now there is a figure 4, thanks Virily for that. I had lost many dozens of articles from my first year. I simply Googled my Tranquilpen brand and there they are, until I click on the URL…Poof! nothing. Just like Bubblews. I’ll just wait and see what develops,it could be great!

  4. I think they already Removed the daily login bonus , Earnings in Views and Comments.

    Which is NOT GOOD and I’m MAD at these . I love more the OLD Virily .
    Which u can Earn$ in Viewing post , comments and daily login bonus

    Compared the New virily Now it’s Useless

  5. Woah, these are some big changes. I kinda like it. Looks more professional, and yes it would be nice for a hey, you might have noticed, bla bla bla. Okay so,, next question. HOw many changes were there. Just popped in for a second and had to respond to this.

  6. I have changed too. Normally I go to my notifications bu I saw your post and here I am respoding to it first (lol). I did not even have to login the page opened. The number of notifications have been reduced. I have yet to see what other changes have been made.

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