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The York Watergate

If you would be visiting then walking in London, England in the Victoria Embankment Gardens you can come upon the York Watergate. This is a...

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The King Changes the Name of the Country

Swaziland is a tiny African nation ruled by King Mswati III. Just recently the King changed the name of his country to eSwatini which means “land of...

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My Grandma, My Mom and Me

Today I got to thinking about my mom and her mom. I remembered when I was little and my mom went to work my...

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Gary U.S. Bonds

Born in Jacksonville, Florida Gary Levone Anderson is an American R&B and rock and roll singer and songwriter. He began singing publicly in church...

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Head Between My Shoulders

Are you ready for this? Here is an amusing quiz guessing songs with the word head in the title.

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