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Missisiippi Delta Blues

Think about all the emotions expressed in the music you listen to joy, happiness, loneliness, nervousness, and, of course, sadness.Music with sad themes is...

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Amazing Gulliver’s Gate

In my hometown New York City near the Schubert Alley, you'll find an amazing place called Gulliver's Gate. This is in the Time Square...

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Saturday Song – Wild Hearts Run Out of Time

One of the songs that has me inspired by Roy Orbison is "Wild Hearts Run Out of Time." The song was on his album...

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Strange Poveglia Island

Some people consider Poveglia Island to be the most haunted place in the world. It is located in the South Lagoon between the Italian...

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Sing a Song and Smile

A happy quiz here about songs with a smile in the title. Enjoy and keep smiling.

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