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The smart phone is a gift from the heavens

I know that the mention of smart phone would remind you of Steve Jobs who revolutionized the mobile phone. From just being a mere...

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The beneficial papaya

The papaya or pawpaw is a tropical fruit that the plant grows only in tropical places. The life of the plant is similar to...

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Chinese new year

Chinese have a big influence on us so even if majority of the population here is not Chinese, the observance of the Chinese new...

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When it ain't broke

Why fix something when it ain’t broke? And why upgrade if that something is working well for you? I am not that old fashioned...

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The tame eagle

There is a saying that the eagle is the king of the sky because it flies high and even the breeding is done in...

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The smart phone is a gift from the heavens

The beneficial papaya

Chinese new year

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