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Our pizza dinner

As a way of saving on the labor of cooking, we have our pizza dinner once a month. We buy a family size pizza...

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Excessive chlorine in the swimming pool

The chlorine in the swimming pool is a safeguard against germs that might be in the water. A swimming pool with no chlorine is...

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Watching the birds

One of the advantages of living in a suburban home is the presence of birds of different kinds. Aside from the common sparrow, there...

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Having fresh food at home

Home cooking is the best according to the folks because it is not only cheaper but you also get the assurance that the food...

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The adventure called zip line

The zip line is very similar to the cable car’s cord that is tied on both ends, that of the start and of the...

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Our pizza dinner

Excessive chlorine in the swimming pool

Watching the birds

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