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A Collection of Clerihews

The clerihew is a simple and pithy type of poem that says something about a person, whose name is always the first line. Here...

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What – or who – killed Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

The who question is probably easier to answer than the what. The legend that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was murdered by his arch-rival Antonio Salieri...

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A Mixed-Up Bag

Mabel, Doris and Alice, the residents of Blasted Heath Cottage, were pondering what to do about their entry for the next craft show at...

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The facade of Mshatta Palace

The ruins of Mshatta Palace lie some 30 kms south of Amman, the capital of Jordan. The palace was built during the rule of...

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Rye, East Sussex

Rye is a beautiful old town in East Sussex that was once a premier English port and a haven for smugglers. These days it...

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