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Are you ready to change something in your life in 2020?

Today I don’t know what will be a couple of weeks from now. I do not know what I will do and how I will live in a month or two, where I or us – destiny will blow away.

But I believe that changes are good for us and that “earthquakes” in life can put everything in its place.

Years ago, for the first time, with my trembling legs, I jumped into an abyss full of ignorance. Maybe it was a sign that whatever we do, we still can cope with the situation?

I no longer fear. I believe that when I fall there again, the wings will grow to me. And I will rise up high where dreams live. 

For some decisions to make we need a year, for others, we have a month, a week, an hour. Or maybe just brief moments. Sometimes we do three steps forward, two steps back. And vice versa. But we were still moving – little by little.

But no matter how long you try to make a decision – when you finally do that, life can turn upside down in a second. Even if you knew it would be; even if you have prepared for this not one week, you still probably feel like the ground is slipping under your feet – of happiness, of little fear, of unbridled excitement, of great desires.

A New Year is approaching, so it is time to consider what you want it will bring to you and make a step towards your dream. 

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  1. i used to set grand goals on New Year’s eve, and then each year recounting my failures I vowed to not do it again.
    but I did, every year.

    Now I set goals every month. One that I know I can reach and one that I have to work hard to achieve!

  2. I want to set up my goals for the next year so that I can check off that which I accomplish and I can see what else I need to do. This is all in regards to my writing work online which is very important to me. I am bound and determined to make a success of myself in 2020


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