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If You Are A Writer

You are a dreamer with a pen, Your mind drifts to unseen lands, To find worlds of love and life, Which take shape in your mind. You choose...

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Blue Amegilla Bee

My cacti are in full bloom right now and the blue bees are all over the place. Unlike normal bees, blue bees are restless...

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You made my day

Words of encouragement build and lift up your spirits. It is always uplifting to get some encouragement /compliments from others. Compliments are like feedback...

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I been having fun taking photographs

Well since there isn't much to do here except wait so I have turned my attention to other things, but I do miss Virily....

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Growing waterlilies

Waterlilies are among the least challenging plants in my garden. All you need for growing waterlilies is a tub at least 2 feet in...

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If You Are A Writer

Blue Amegilla Bee

You made my day

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