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Before going to the pharmacy to buy over-the-counter medicines for my eldest daughter to have asthma, I checked the medicines she could consume to...

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Listen to the Music ~ Song Saturday

Seeing quite a lot of friends here who posted Song Saturday, and after a while ago I just discussed this challenge a little with...

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Cordial Relationship ~ Silhouette Saturday

Although it hasn't rained a lot yet except for drizzling, the sky above me has been more often in gray under the fading sun...

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The First Post

I AmI am all contents and filled everythingI don't need a hand to eat a piece of tofu.I'm zerono need to fight to beat...

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Arena ~ Black And White Friday

We certainly do not remember when and how we decided, then up or down from the invisible realm of pure life until we arrived...

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Listen to the Music ~ Song Saturday

Cordial Relationship ~ Silhouette Saturday

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