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Bullying in workplace

I've watched a "detective game show" whereby they always try to incorporate current issues into the crime. I love that show for many reasons...

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Wacky Wednesday – Banning of cats as pets!

I just love how she is sleeping so soundly in this weird posture ... LOL She is just so used to being around human that...

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What is the hidden subject Quiz!

I've treated some photos to hide the subject and the aim of the quiz is for you to identify the hidden subject... This is a...

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Introducing some Chinese New Year plants!!

I'm not sure why these plants are "picked" to be festive plants for CNY, perhaps they bloom in spring or perhaps some of them...

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Processing … processing … Processed…FOOD! Quiz!

Processed food seems to be a term that is quite common use especially among people who try to eat healthy and are health conscious. However,...

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