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Color Crazy Challenge!! Gold, blue, green and red!!

I found a photo of these cute little keychains which I ordered online!! They're a set of 10 or 12 (I forgot LOL) and these...

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Color Crazy Challenge!! Gold, blue, green and red!!

I just realise they fit in the pastel colour challenge as well ... LOL but anyway, I've most of the colours, right? Gold, red, blue, green...

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It’s not dead …

... although it did look like it was dead ... I have to get real close to see the small moment of its stomach...

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Video games to past time …

I think that video games or any form of games are a good way to past time. I know there are many other ways to...

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There are nice people around!!

I'm glad I met this nice guy who made my day! I received an order, Normally, I've to go down to the restaurant to pick...

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