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Writing Fiction Based On Truth (Conclusion).

In conclusion, you have to consider when writing your stories that one based on true events is not in any way different from any...

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How To Write Fiction Based On Truth 4.

ASK CONSENTThis next point is very important. You are writing about the truth. Even if you are writing your own story if you still...

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How To Write Fiction Based On Truth 3.

DON'T BE SCARED TO REINVENT FACTSDon’t let the facts overwhelm you by getting away from creating a great narrative. Remember, one of the perks...

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How To Write Fiction, Based On Truth 2.

DO YOUR RESEARCHÏf you talk to animals, they will talk with you and you will know each other. If you do not talk with...

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Biden And His Actions Identified In The Bible

His name does not portray him as a harbinger of doom and destruction in 2021 and beyond but certain of his actions are cleverly...

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“Andre’ Hartslief shows people how to turn content into relatable, life stories. And if you’re not getting that with your own posts, read his articles and you will see how to get that too.

How? “Turn content into stories + By Using Psychology.” 

* Andre’ is a 5th-year veteran writer on Virily


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