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Trying Again for My Photo!

Posted recently about the mint growing in my screen room. The photo was there and when i posted, it was gone.Hopefully this time you...

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Mint Blooms ~ Nature Tuesday

Mint grows in a container in the screen room. I have talked often about how both cats enjoy a bite here and there.I also...

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Brendel ~ My Senior Cat

Brendel was rescued shortly after losing Momma Kitty. She is around eleven years old now. Considered a senior cat.Have been noticing a few changes...

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Helping Authors Waiting Moderation ~ Requested

Earlier today, Doc posted a request to all of us here. He asked that we all please try and help the members who are...

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Birds of the Alphabet ~ Falcon

Another new post for my series Birds of the Alphabet. No personal photos to share of this beautiful bird.Falcon is a bird I would...

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