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Yellow and Red Surprise

Edited one of my spring blooms with a program on my computer. Many choices but I chose the bright yellow.Sharing the bright colors to...

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Golden Privet Insect

Spring and summer memories form my yard. This bee was captured in my Golden Privet shrub in my yard last spring.The tiny white blooms...

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Amazing World Sites Quiz!

So many amazing sites to see around the world. I have a bucket list and maybe one day I will get to see them...

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Happy Happy Quotes for All

Sharing some happy quotes about life for anyone who needs them...I'm happy that I have brought laughter because I have been shown by many...

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Berries for Birds ~ Macro Monday

During the winter the birds are always looking for food. These holly berries are one of their favorites. They visit the deck feeder every day...

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Yellow and Red Surprise

Golden Privet Insect

Amazing World Sites Quiz!

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