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The fear of change

A little more about things like dumbbells at the feet keep us from going up, about things that darken the days, sweep away the never-ending smile from the face, habits that cut wings, lower the eyes, and stop breathing fully.

One of the things people fear is the fear of change. Many people would like to change something in life but are afraid. Yes, change is uncertainty, but do you know what lies ahead of you tomorrow or the week, even if nothing has changed in your life? Probably not, because if so, give me lotto’s numbers for the weekend’s series.

The change is fine. It opens up new possibilities, awakens unfamiliar music and colors within us. Change helps us move towards our dreams and achieve them. Accept changes as a gift – let it carry you, do not resist, but enjoy.

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  1. Why do we fear change?

    Yes, that’s an interesting question, to ponder on.

    Does God, if he exists, also change, and what could that mean, if he did?

    Can perfection change?

    I would say that the greatness of creativity requires change to change what is the status quo, otherwise, nothing changes.

    And yet no change is required when we see that perfection rests not in change, but in the unchanging perfection of love, resisting nothing in being itself.

    Only resistance requires change against itself.

    Love itself never changes…..but love is the fuel for the right types of change to take place.

  2. I was just thinking that I don’t fear changes but if things were different and I had the money to fix my old house in Latvia and the memories were not so terribly painful I would have loved to stay there. It was a good and quiet life but obviously the Lord knew I was due for a change.


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