What type of content should all Virily members submit?

The written content should be original, creative, and useful. You should not post articles that are published elsewhere or copyrighted material without a reference. You should not write content that will somehow offend, insult or harm the audience.

How can I contact you when I can’t log in, sign up or when I have some other problems on the platform?

You can write us on the chat on the site or contact us on https://www.facebook.com/virilycom/  or write us email at support [ at ] virily.com.  Our support team will contact you back and will try to help you and solve your problem.

How can I earn revenue on Virily?

Virily is a blogging platform that gives you a chance to earn by getting virils for every action that is made on the platform (from signing up and site visits to content creation and sharing). Every activity on the platform pays off. At the end of the month your virils will be turned into money.

How much should I earn to be paid out?

If the payment goes through Paypal, you should earn min $10, while if you are going with a bank transfer, you should earn min $100.

How to delete my account?

Send us email from your registered email with your username and we will delete it.

How many Virils is $1?

Viril is not a currency, it is a reward point for your contribution to Virily platform. Higher Virils Balance means higher share from revenue distributed between users. Distribution is made on daily basis, so depending on the day you can earn different amount for the same Virily Balance.

I Made a Mistake, How Can I Edit My Post?

  • If your post is in draft section you can edit it by clicking on EDIT link under the title.
  • If your post is published, ask Virily support to correct the mistake or to move it in draft section so you can edit it.

How Virils are awarded?

When you become a member of our community you get 10 virils.

When you are visiting the website on daily basis you get 10 virils every day.

When you read:

  • Articles you get 1 viril and author get 3 virils. There is a limit of 50/day for readers. No limit for author of the article.
  • Quizzes you get 2 virils and author get 5 virils. There is a limit of 100/day for readers. No limit for author of the quizz.
  • Polls you get 2 virils and author get 5 virils. There is a limit of 100/day for readers. No limit for author of the quizz.

When you publish:

  • Story, Gallery, Open List, Ranked List, List – you get 15 virils.
  • Image, Embed Content – you get 5 virils.
  • Submit items to other authors open lists – you get 2 virils.
  • Quiz, Poll, Versus, Hot or Not – you get 30 virils.

When you comment on articles you get 1 virils and content author get 2 viril. Author of article get maximum 10 virils per article.There is a limit of 50/day. SPAM comment will deduct -5 virils from your balance.

When you refer visitors:

  • Referring visitor you get 1 virils. There is a limit of 500/Day.
  • Referring Signup you get 20 virils. There is a limit of 1000/Day. (Updated June 20, 2017)

When you follow someone:

  • 1 viril when you follow someone(Virils for following is temporary stoped)Updated on June 19, 2017
  • 2 virils when someone follows you(Virils when someone follow you is temporary stoped)Updated on June 19, 2017

When Guest view your post you get 1 viril. There is a limit of 500/day.

*Awarding Virils for this actions is subject of change. We can change the values at any time, add new actions or deactivate existing. Historical data is not affected. Changes affect only future awards.

How to add a source?

The links used as a source need to be original. Use them only if the original author allows his content to be used in other posts.

How many questions should a quiz have?

Min 8 questions.

Can I publish the same content twice?

No, you can’t. The content needs to be original.

If you can’t find the answer to your questions, contact us

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