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Being messy can be genetic

I wouldn't say I was an overly tidy person as I can tolerate a bit of mess but my granddaughter is very messy, in...

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Speaking my mind

Speaking my mind has got me into hot water at times especially in online communities but I do think it's important to say what...

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Homeless at Christmas Time

Christmas is normally a time when many of us are preparing to spend time with our families, buy gifts for those we care about...

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Feeling ill

It's the time of year when there are a lot of colds, coughs and other viral infections about in the UK and unfortunately living...

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Flying a model aircraft

My partner is passionate about flying. Not only does he have a pilots licence to fly light aircrafts but he makes and flies his...

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Linda Mansfield


I’m a retired lady looking after my granddaughter who is now 13. Just here to make a few friends and share some pearls of wisdom.

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Being messy can be genetic

Speaking my mind

Homeless at Christmas Time

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