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Dog Grooming during a pandemic, and one success story!

This is an extremely matted Bichon Frise that came to me back in May. Backstory: In May this year, I got a call from an...

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Last weeks photos!

I haven't been taking many pictures, these are from my cell phone. 

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Hello to all of you!

I had to take a much needed break from Virily. Without going into too much detail, I have decided to just touch base with...

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Areosmith ~ Livin' on the Edge ~ SONG SATURDAY!

Racism should be a thing of the past. I had to share this one written by Joe Perry, Steven Tyler and Mark Hudson. Here is the...

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Neon colors are in my yard! Color Crazy stuff.

A while back I posted a what color is it post with my Canna Lily. It is now in full bloom and fits the...

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