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Saturday Critters – Babies stork- report !

I meet them again on Friday on my way to my native village. It's amazing how much they change from week to week. Their...

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The Friday in Black and White – Better not to wear a mask than to wear it improperly

If there was a need for a reason for scandal, in our society, here it was: people were divided between those with masks and...

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Thursday Reflections – Three seagulls above Lake Chindia and a beautiful reflection.

Reflections are easy to photograph if the photographer has a thorough knowledge of angles and perspectives, and of course a trained eye to see...

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Wednesday Shadows – Light and shadows on the street

Everyone and everything has a shadow on Earth but according to the angle of light falling we can see many interesting things. On a...

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Nature Tuesday – The beauties of nature

The beauty of nature is truly inexhaustible. There are no limits to the miracles it presents to us. Looking at this flower, common indeed,...

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