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Sky Sunday – God's eye

Hope ... that thought that keeps us alive ...If you trust in God, you will never lose hope. Even if you feel like everyone...

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Macro Monday – Moss (8 submissions)

Mosses are flowerless plants in the land plant division Bryophyta.There are about 12,000 species of moss. The vast majority of mosses are found in...

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1/60 sec of Kitty’s life – Can you find me, Maya?

Kitty is playing " Hide-and-seek" with Maya! Kitty hides to avoid being seen by Maya. Unfortunately, the place she chose is not hard to...

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Zimbrul – The European Bison

The European bison ( Zimbrul in romanian language) is the heaviest surviving wild land animal in Europe. A typical European bison is about 2.1...

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1/60 sec of Maya’s life – I got stuck in the snow

1/60 sec of Kitty’s / Maya’s life is a project I started last week. As I said, I’ll try to post a moment of my...

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