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Spring flowers (3 submissions)

Another attempt to post on Virily. The last time I tried I didn't succeed. I don't know if I'm still a verified user, because...

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Summer memories…on a gray day

It's a bad weather outside. The sky is gray and the fog covers the city. I need something colorful to cheer me up. A...

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Christmas light in Targoviste

As every year, at the beginning of December, the holiday lights are turned on in the city. This year is a special year ......

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Breakfast time

I found this creature in the morning, feeding on a bud from my orcchid. have no idea how he got there and where he...

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Proud to be Romanian!

Today we celebrate Romania's National Day! It seemed like a sad day celebrated without the pomp of yesteryear. A short ceremony, held without public,...

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