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Cactus Flower Timelapse of an epiphyllum cactus flower (Epiphyllum 'Jungle Nights') in my greenhouse. Watch the flower open, bloom, and then fade and collapse over the...

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Who can guess what this is?!

Who can tell me what is this in the photo? My only hint is that it is edible, and I bought it in a...

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QUIZ: Numbers 1 to 5 in Asian & Pacific Languages

How many Asian & Pacific languages can you count up to five in? Test your basic knowledge of modern Asian languages with this fun quiz,...

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Coronavirus Covid-19: The facts and myths quiz

There has been a great deal of nonsense shared on the internet about the new coronavirus, CoVid-19. Rather than believe rumours passed around on...

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Pieris in Bloom

The Pieris is is bloom now in my garden. This plant is better known for its magnificent red autumn foliage, but I love its flowers...

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