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QUIZ: Indian Cuisine – Test your Knowledge!

The cuisine of the Indian Subcontinent has had a huge influence in many parts of the world. But how much do you really know...

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QUIZ: Presidents of the United States

American presidents - they're in the news every day, and we've all learned something of them in history. But how much do you really...

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POLL: Your Favourite Spice

I wonder what is your favourite spice? I am thinking here mostly of sweet spices, but many spices are used in both savoury and...

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QUIZ: Days of the Week

Weeks - we've all lived through thousands of them. But how well do we really know them? Find out now, by taking this fun...

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DIS or Dat QUIZ: Natural or Constructed Language?

Most of the world's languages developed and evolved naturally, over centuries, like English, Russian, Latin etc. But others such as Esperanto, are man-made or...

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