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QUIZ: Lyrics of the Beatles Hits (Latter years: 1966-1970)

How much do you know about the greatest pop group ever? Test your knowledge of later Beatles lyrics with my fun quiz and spread...

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A New Coronavirus Quiz

There's one subject that's never far from our minds these days, and that's... well you know already. Here's a quiz using the most uptodate...

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Today's lunch

Today's lunch fresh off the pan: potato farls with fried egg, onion and kimchi. Potato farls are a kind of potato pancake, made of...

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Allium Flower (and visitor) ~ Macro Monday

Here's a photo for the Macro Monday challenge, which I took a week ago. There's a little white spider in the allium flower, and...

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Did I just buy myself some CRAP? Google Translate to the rescue!

Until recently we were only allowed travel within our own county, due to COVID-19 restrictions, but this week travel restrictions have been lifted. So...

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