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Quiz: Sheep

It is approximated there are more than 1000 breeds of sheep worldwide.Let's see how much we know about this animal that's believed to be...

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Funny Quotes

In relation to Carol's series of quotes, I thought it might be better to do the funny part of quotes. I hope you'll enjoy...

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Quiz: Rabbits

How many of us don't love these small adorable animals? They are among the top ten Best preferred pets.Generally, there are more than 30...

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Saturday Song: I Love Your Smile

Aren't smiles not only contagious, but also beautiful? Isn't it true the reason smiles are contagious is because of their beauty?Well, I hope you'll...

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Quiz About Goats

Goats are one of the earliest domesticated animals in the world. They are so common than cows, raised in large numbers than cows, and...

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Quiz: Sheep

Funny Quotes

Quiz: Rabbits

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