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The Life of a Python

Not many of us like snakes. I don't like snakes but I find them appealing and attractive in some circumstances. The following are some...

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Count Down to Christmas 1: Hark the Herald Angels sing — Boney M source Christmas is approaching. In many towns and cities, the festive season is in high gear. Many people have set up Christmas trees and the...

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#Alphabet Crazy Challenge: Pandas

Who doesn't love pandas? They are cute animals I would wish to have one as a pet though it's not possible. Sadly, they are listed...

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#Song Saturday: Michael Bolton – How Can We Be Lovers source This is one of my favourite songs by Michael Bolton. Many people forget there is a difference between a lover and friend. Unlike a lover...

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The Nursery Rhyme Song. A New Funny Twist on old Nursery Rhymes source As a teacher trainer, one of my tasks is to teach the ECDE (Early Childhood Development & Education) trainees nursery rhymes. During their field...

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The Life of a Python

Count Down to Christmas 1: Hark the Herald Angels sing — Boney M

#Alphabet Crazy Challenge: Pandas

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