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Water Facts

Without water, life on earth wouldn't have existed because it's one of the most necessary element on earth that sustains life. Despite the vast amount...

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#8 Countdown to Christmas – Silent Night

There was no joyous celebration on earth when Jesus was born. The earth, even the place where Jesus was born knew the world's saviour...

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#9 Countdown to Christmas – Joy to the World

The birth of Jesus was a joyous celebration among angels. But also this historical event would feel people's heart with gladness because of what...

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#10 Countdown to Christmas – Hark the Herald Angels Sing

'Hark the Herald Angels Sing' is one of my favourite Christmas songs. I had to memorize this Christmas carol one year before turning 20....

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#10 Countdown to Christmas: Hark the Herald Angels Sing

One of my favourite Christams songsbis 'Hark the Herald Angels Sing. What makes me to be in a Christmas mood are the Xmas songs....

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