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SongSaturday: Heal the World (Michael Jackson)

Michael Jackson said one of the projects he heavily invested in, and was glad he did so, is the production of the song, 'Heal...

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Is Putin Dead?

It has been know for many years Vladimir Putin has been sick - battling an illness. It's thought he is suffering from blood cancer...

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MonkeyPox Disease

While the world is recovering from a virus disease, COVID-19, that has claimed millions of lives, another disease has slithed its way from endemic...

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SongSaturday: Knowing Me Knowing You (ABBA)

I have never gotten enough of listening to ABBA songs. Their songs are timeless. Knowing Me Knowing You is one of my favourite songs. Enjoy listening...

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If Tomorrow Never Comes -Ronan Keating

This is one of my all-favourite songs. It's a classic that's timeless in its message. Do those you love/treasure aware how much you love them?...

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