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Starting a Blog

Other than Doc, I haven't heard of anyone thinking of opening a blog. I set up a blogger back before 2010 and a few...

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Funny Quotes

1. "Dear Math, please grow up and solve your problems. I'm tired of solving them for you." (Anonymous)2. "When your mother asks, "Do you...

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In Reply to Alex: Are You a Fan of Quora?

People don't earn by answering questions posted on the Answer and Question platform. A few get selected who are then put in the payroll.However,...

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98 Kenya/Tanzania August Bombings

Remembering the horrific bombing incident, 9/11 that occured in USA; I thought of also letting you known, in case you didn't know, of a...

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I partly read your comment to an article of mine. From the second sentence of your cost to that post, I deduce you asked...

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Starting a Blog

Funny Quotes

In Reply to Alex: Are You a Fan of Quora?

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