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Backyard Birds in Buckland Beach

The Thumbnail is one duck in Mooney’s Creek near us.I have not included all the birds in my back yard but there are quite...

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Art & Creativity – Part 2..Broaden your Range

Some people never leave their home town...They don’t do anything new but always what is expected of them..We were born to be free..Creativity is...

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Art Therapy

I was quite amazed to learn that there are some people in the world who are called, “Art Therapists.!"Well, in a way for me,...

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Some Views of Mellons Bay

Mellons Bay is in South East Auckland, Howick, a short drive from where I live. Here are some views..A worth while beach to see....

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Some photos of Drury – South Auckland

As you head South from Central Auckland on the motorway, after you pass Papakura and then the drive through Petrol Station and Shops, the...

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