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Monday's Tragic Eruption – White Island Breaking news

Recently there has been a very serious incident on White Island in the Bay of Plenty today.I just got this news on the 6...

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"Quote for Today" Something to learn

Word for Today from the "Gratefulness" site."We have so  much to learn from each other, and our connections run so much deeper and stronger...

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Sky Sunday – Sunrise

This picture is what I saw this morning, you may see the reddish glow in the morning sky which contains the smoke from Australia.This...

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Fire! –

New South Wales in Australia is on fire! I saw some smokey haze in our atmosphere this morning.Yes, I have some cousins who live near...

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Saturday's Creatures – Drawing of a Kereru or NZ Woodpigeon

I photographed a NZ Woodpigeon in the Auckland Zoo. It is a she. When I entered the door this Woodpigeon was sitting at the entrance....

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