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Black & White Friday and Prize giving..

I know I have not been on Virily for a few days, we have just submitted 4 pictures each for an art competition in...

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Art work

This is a drawing I did of a NZ Woodpigeon (or Kereu) when I went to the Auckland Zoo. Birds are real characters when...

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Thursdays Reflections – Some photos

The Thumbnail is of the Waikato river in Taupiri, the Waikato river.We drove to the Hop'n'stop'n Cafe and I can never resist taking a...

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Saturdays Critters – a variety of birds.

I have become very tired today but the thumbnail is our regular visitor, our Pukako named "Pipatea" or else "Pete!" We will find out...

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Black & White Friday – Warwicks Black & White Art

There is pen & ink and there is charcoal art work. Sometimes he asks me if he should stick to one medium but my answer...

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