Our changes in the coming year

How much does change cost?  What will we do with another year? The ones more, others less or nothing but we are almost all thinking about changes in HORIZONTE. Or wait it will come itself after reading how to dress on at a New Year Eve” and following the instructions in detail and miracles will start happening to us without doing anything.

Changes, resolutions to yourself and others.

When we write plans for a semester or a month, we usually write down the end result: exercise x times a week, read z books, earn n euros, and have a six-pack, only writing we don’t think about how much those changes will cost, what every ordinary day will look like in its pursuit.

Sometimes it is enough to imagine life from one day to another reaching the end result when it suddenly becomes clear that the cost of change is significantly higher than what we are willing to pay.

Planning is necessary, just add 30% to the cost of the change: the cost of time, emotions, and other resources for unforeseen circumstances. For the change to take place, we need a plan with the cost of the change and what’s included in that change.

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