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What could this flower be?

It resembles a hibiscus and the only thing common with it is that it lasts only for a day.  This plant has pretty leaves...

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This is called Trust

Here you see our loving pets so peacefully sleeping with not a care in the world.  They know they are safe, cared for and...

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I could not be there

It was quite enjoyable being in the loop organizing this event - a get together of ex-colleagues.  Being a senior there - having put...

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No takers

We have two bimbli trees that yield periodically.  Sadly there are no takers excepting parrots. They will go for those that grow higher up...

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Grabbed it before it withered away

We just have one Hawaiian Hibiscus and the plant does not have many flowers.  I almost missed clicking this one and it was already...

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What could this flower be?

This is called Trust

I could not be there

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