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Don’t Start the Year Until You Have It Finished

This is a late upload. This is the post that I was referring to that I could not edit (  After a few days,...

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I cant edit my draft

I created a draft a few days ago. I did not have an appropriate image for it at that time so I just uploaded...

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Thank You Ironman for Giving Us Light

POTD ( Photo Of The Day) December 27, 2019 We were hit by typhoon Ursula on Christmas day. (Read: Dark Christmas). Because of the typhoon, the...

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Sky Sunday – Crescent Moon

It was almost Sunset. The fourth day after the Typhoon Ursula hit us. The crescent moon had risen in the same direction as the setting...

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The Wrath of Ursula!

No! That is not a title of a Disney Movie starring the witch Ursula of Little Mermaid. Not am I talking about the purple...

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