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Ten Days Pending!

I wanted to make a post about my father yesterday. He was born on the 4th of July. He passed away on the 2nd...

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Three of my images are now in Pixabay

When covid-19 pandemic started I created several illustrations related to it. I used Inkscape to create them. Initially, I intended to upload my designs...

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Kids Today Don't Know How This Works

I spotted this piece of old technology hanging on a wall of the school.  It's an old coin-operated pay-phone. As you can clearly see,...

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Our Okra's First Produce

During the quarantine period. My wife and I cleared our front yard and she planted some okra or ladies' fingers plants.Perhaps it took more...

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Refugees in our house

Here in the Philippines, there is no law against stray dogs. So, you will see dogs almost on every street.  Some tend to chase...

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