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How long does it take Virily to okay a post?

Every time I decide to give Virily another go it takes two or more days for anyone to make a decision on when reviewing...

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Cheltenham, crowds & great fun… oh, & the Gold Cup.

There are far too many scaremongers on the net following the lead of the media as they try to sensationalise every and any news...

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"Did you Know"…

Here is an Electric Eclectic "Did you Know"... Our modern alphabet derives from the Latin alphabet used by the Romans. There are several differences, they did not distinguish...

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The Bridge

I went down to the river today and took this photo. 200 jumpers, 5 survivors. It may seem ghoulish to some, but this bridge is what...

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Not only a writer

Surprised? I doubt it! but for those who only know me as a writer, here are a few sample book covers, artworks, and photographs to...

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