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What if you want to find a specific authors specific post from 45 days ago?

It is funny sometimes; The internet has so much data, so much information of varying depths. You can find virtually anything on the internet....

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Wander project in the morn before the family wakes…

I suspect I own my dad and mom and apology. When I was younger and living in their house, I did not get up...

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Just for fun (and sharing is caring) oh let's sprinkle in Quote Wednesday!

i love the weather, have since i was a little kid. It is interesting to me what you can find out about the world...

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Wifi-6, 5g and some other tech wrap up stuff!

Interesting follow up on a few things I’ve shared recently. The first is the reality of advertising and the claims of the fastest in-home...

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Wander project flowers and water!

I took a lot of pictures of the flowers alongside the railroad tracks in Indiana. These are four more examples of that. Gwen and...

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