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Making writing sites better – adding categories and helping automatically moderate some posts

Someone once asked me why I post columns like yesterday. Well, the easy answer is the awesome community here steps up. Yesterday is no...

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wander project Caption Thursday (and more about mom!)

Hey, Hey, My My its Caption Thursday time again!(it's better to comment than to groan).With so many apologies to Neil Young and ruining his...

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Just for fun and Caption Thursday

I had a whale of a good time!A little winter in our lives! went Whale Watching in Seattle several times. It is the most...

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Making writing sites better – new categories?

I get great ideas and suggestions all the time in comments and PM's. It is the only reason honestly that, based on my PM...

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wander project memorizes of my mom…

My mother is a fantastic cook. There are so many things she made that we enjoyed as kids. I have to admit, however, contrary...

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