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To print, or not to print

Other than a test print, I have not used my plotter in a year. I do test prints and probably three times a year...

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ok so i don't know how to use a calendar.

Hi, my name is Scott, and I cannot read a calendar.My apologies this is my last post until things are resolved. I initially said...

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Orange is the new last post (for now)

There are three parts to this post.This is for the time being my last post on this site.I promise to check and read posts...

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Time keeps on ticking, ticking into the future…

Two days.I did get communication from the admins. It was on an issue that I have been trying to get them to do something...

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If I could keep time in a bottle

Time is ticking. The clock on the wall says a ¼ to 12.The witching hour is near.Not sure how many more time platitudes I could...

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