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GPS tag installed on the world's last white giraffe

There is only one white giraffe left in the world at the moment and it is GPS tagged to protect it. It is the...

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The Eximus IV Rail Car

The Eximus IV is powered by electricity and is environmentally friendly in every way. The car scored top position in Sweden's Delsbo Electric competition...

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The world's largest pen

The Guinness Book of World Records is a book in which new world records are released every year in which people try their best...

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REMDESIVIR treatment against COVID-19 disease proves to be a new ray of hope.

There is a strong possibility that in an emergency, the United States could start using a tried and tested drug, remdesivir, against Ebola. Its...

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Discovery of another 12,000 species of bacteria and microbes

Although many bacteria, microorganisms and unicellular archaea can be produced in laboratories, but their numbers have been limited to this, but now a new...

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