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I am Going to Try it Again! in case!This was the song that didn't work on the other post. I am giving that a second try. Sometimes I think it's...

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I Don't Really Know Why

This pandemic, all my job changes, having my brother go through surgery, and watch him as he struggles to get back has his strength...

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Indian Relay Race

This is not a sport for the weak of heart! Your heart gets all pumped up watching as the rider comes in and the...

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I'm Back at Home

There's much to do. Checking on our Virily family is a big part of it. I was so excited to see Kim back. I...

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It Really Bothered Me Today

Perhaps I hold teachers to a higher standard. Perhaps I believe that obituaries should be written for people who have already died, not to...

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I am Going to Try it Again!

I Don't Really Know Why

Indian Relay Race

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