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Pelosi Tells Reporter “Don’t Mess With Me” | The View source Oh my goodness! In my opinion this was not appropriate.  Perhaps it is just because I don't understand it. She lost her temper and...

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Checking Our Sources

There is a whole lot of information out there on the web and some of it is correct. Today something caught my eye and...

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Can Ethics Be Taught?

It happens, some people seem to make it through childhood without ever grasping the importance of ethics and how it can be a major...

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Vegetable Intake

Most of us have heard it all our lives, "eat your vegetables". Wouldn't it be easier if the chef just some how put them...

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O come, O come, Emmanuel Christmas Advent Celebration source I believe that music is a big part of Christmas. The men that I live with  try to be tolerant the day after Thanksgiving...

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