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Virily Makeover

So...I logged in today, the 29th of November, 2019 to discover virily has undergone a makeover (and a good one at that!). The changes...

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Are There Any Good Wayback Machine Websites Online?

So....I've been using wayback machine to get posts from a website I used to have some years back which I let expire. Few days ago...

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How to Make Money Online the Smart Smarter Way

Last year I didn’t I didn’t make more than $200 the whole year and that’s because I made quite a number of mistakes that...

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How Do You Console a Grieving Relative?

I got the news last week about a relative of mine who  lost her son. I haven't reached out to her Ben though I...

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7 Clear Signs You are NOT His First Choice

I've always seen the dating world as a jungle. Its filled up with as much selfish people out for their own interest as it...

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