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My Thoughts on the Ongoing Lockdown

So... my country is on a two-week lockdown and we have only done about one week of it. Initially., I found it exciting, seeing...

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Fear Rising as COVID-19 Continues to Spread

COVID-19 is spreading fast everywhere and with it has come immense fear. According to wordometer website, there have been 400,000+ confirmed cases and 18,000+ deaths. The...

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Dear Diary: Sharing My Pain, Fears and Frustration (Entry One)

This is my diary, my little escape from the little fears and frustrations that have filled my thoughts in the past year. This is...

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Publisher Rocket to Increase Your Ebook Sales

So, I recently got a keyword search software that makes keyword search and use on the Amazon platform quite easy. Publisher Rocket, formerly KDP rocket,...

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Virily Makeover

So...I logged in today, the 29th of November, 2019 to discover virily has undergone a makeover (and a good one at that!). The changes...

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