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Are you having a toothache? You can help so quickly!

Anyone who has ever experienced a severe toothache knows that this is one of the more severe pain that can befall us. In addition...

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Nin is a picturesque town in central Dalmatia

I want to show you some more pictures of my vacation last year. We all have a hard time waiting for spring and summer,...

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Themes by month ~ Relaxation in the shade

Many times we have already found out how cats are smart and resourceful animals. I also made this picture during my short vacation at...

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Wacky Wednesday ~ A unusual look into the ceiling

After a long time, I decided to show something unusual again. If I were to ask you what the picture shows, I think you...

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Nature Tuesday ~ How is the island formed?

This picture was taken during my short vacation on the Croatian coast. Croatia is a land of thousands of islands, to be exact 1,244,...

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