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Sky Sunday ~ Memories of last year's vacation

Given the current situation around the world, I don’t know if I will be able to spend a holiday by the sea. Since I...

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Saturday silhouettes ~ Live for today

This sunset is a reminder of my last year’s vacation. I read a few poems today and I think this poem is very appropriate...

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A few more older posts, Sharing is Caring Challenge!

I saw this interesting and special church during my vacation last year. The church stands in a small seaside town right by the sea....

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Reflections Thursday ~ What you should not do on an empty stomach

Bad experiences have taught me how important breakfast is. So I have breakfast first, only then I drink medicine and coffee. Here are some...

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Let’s take a look at some older posts

I went back through some older posts today. I have noticed many that I would like to share again.I decided to share some older...

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