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A question about Virily for the community…

I have noticed a couple of things about Virily lately and wanted to see if it was just me or if this is a trend overall. The first part is I’ve noticed over the past four weekends usually on Saturday overnight but one time Friday overnight a huge number of my old posts get red. No comments, but they virils for the posts being read are in my account. Has anyone else seen that? As in 35 or more of your older posts read on, for the most part, Saturday night? If you are, please note that in the comments section!

The other thing I’ve noticed is that there are many more posts on Virily every day. I want to personally apologize to many people. I am not getting to as many posts and people as I was. Like most of you, I am limiting my time online. I am only able to read about 35 posts every day. I know because I find them later that I am missing posts of people and I wish o apologize!

I did also want to say something to the Virily Community as a whole. I wanted to say several things, so the list follows below:

1.I have sent our request and the FAQ’s we built to the admin team. Thanks to all who helped, added, and wondered!

2.I operate by a set of rules. I share my rules with the world, but I don’t expect anyone else to ever follow my rules. They are my rules, and I have been on this earth long enough to know that everyone has their own rules. So when I post things that I do, it is not a requirement, it is simply what I do.

3.That is why I live by the Reddit Rule. Remember the human. The author or commentor is also a human just like me (or you!)

My grandfather always said today is the day to make changes. Waiting until tomorrow doesn’t work. Changes you try to make yesterday fail. You can’t change yesterday (and neither can I). I haven’t started a new Virily Movers project, because as you can see from the first two questions I asked, I’ve been watching the patterns of Virily use.

A long time ago, Albert and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out if there was an optimal time to post on Virily. We never really figured it out, but it was fun trying. I suspect I will restart the mover’s project in the fall.

  • have you noticed an increase in views on Friday or Saturday night?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Doyou always comment when you read?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Does a comment mean more than an upvote?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Does an upvote mean more than a comment to you?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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  1. I read, upvote and comment on every post that I can get to. Yesterday was the first time in two months that I did not have time to read anyone’s post. Sometimes I have trouble understanding the content; but I do my best to comment.

  2. I do feel as though upvoting is another way to support because there are just so many great things to read on this site. And we all do have lives outside of Virily. I do noticed the language barrier too which becomes a problem when some want to read your writings but they can’t understand it.

  3. Wow, just reading through all these comments confused me. So I think I will just give this comment a try. I believe that many just use an upvote or down vote for that matter to mark that they have opened the post (just guessing by observing) I read a few posts on “how to make more on Virily suggest you should go read old posts again and that may have started a trend) I also noticed that it has been suggested you open your own over and over. (Maybe that is to see if there are any more comments, I don’t think the author that suggested it mentioned why other than more money. If you open the “suggestions” below what you are reading you are often sent to old posts. I do that a lot and forgotten I had read them.)

    Commenting – I don’t always comment as I read. Sometimes I should not even try that because I may be tired or not really prepared to engage as I read. If I forget for whatever reason I try and comment later. I feel like every post should be read by someone and the author should know that and that is part of what a comment does.

    My goodness I have babbled on – Doc did any of this make sense or help?

  4. I figured out early this year it’s not all Virilis who post. Majority of them read. I comment when I want to react through writing. An upvote is another form of comment.
    Since I joined last year, I like reading older posts because I will turn insane if I don’t read😁😁 It’s my hobby.

  5. I have not noticed, so sorry I am of no help with that one. I do like a comment more than an upvote. You probably already know that though, some of ours are very long winded. 😀 I do try to comment if I read the post.

  6. There are some users on the site that do not post on the site because English is their second language. Therefore, they gain all of their virils by finding users with plenty of posts and they click on all of the posts. If a user just clicks on 100 posts in about an hour, then the virils add up quickly with a quick comment. That is why the admin. made a rule that a comment has to be at least 20 characters. I don’t see an issue with users that solely click on posts because Virily obtains theirs through the advertising.

  7. I notice it here and always have – even years ago. I’m always happy when that happens.
    The ratio of active posters to members is less than 1 to 100. Is it an inclusivity issue do you think? Is it troubling? I always say I read a post by upvoting. Sometimes someone who is inactive may wake up with an email notification. Is it better to stop viewing?
    And, if you have a system then people will play it. It pumps up the page views which helps the platform or else Virils wouldn’t be awarded for that action. Was it Niume where they had to hang for two seconds to get a view?. If it is a problem then I don’t really understand why.

  8. My best guess is when people do not get new posts on weekends they go for older posts. I have read some of your posts but I don’t remember if it was a weekday or weekend! But I did lot of comments on your posts that is if I remember right.

  9. My process is to get on here at least several times a week and to comment, interact and post. However, I have a bush schedule so it does not always work the way I want it to. I have yet to see a red arrow on any of my posts.

    • Also, some people are here only to earn and like to stay idle (not posting, commenting), many are earning only by opening posts, and that is a valid way to earn too…
      Also, thinking that all people are reading our posts here… – it is nice to know people read and appreciate our posts, but it kinda loses its sense because there is only a couple of regularly active people here, the audience is very small

    • I also have to add, since I see you mentioned your rules………… In that other post where I minded you that you are “ordering other people how to act”, I said that because what you wrote didn’t look like just your opinion or your rules… You were naming things under 1, 2, 3. and in an imperative way so it looked like you are telling people what and how they should do…

      • and sometimes your articles look like that and even like you are turning other users against some other users (including me) even about some things you weren’t even involved in but give yourself the right to write about such things telling other people what is “right” and what is “wrong” – what and how they should do……

  10. I noticed that too. I suppose someone is “harvesting” the virile. I noticed a lot of members here (new and old) who do not post, but they are still very “high” on the rankings. That’s just my opinion.

  11. I feel “guilty” for the views many of Virily users have observed in the last month. I’m new to Virily and I wanted to do an experiment. I didn’t make any posts but I tried to view the posts of the other users. It’s fun!
    I won a lot of virils this way! Maybe I should start posting but …. I’m thinking if I will continue on this site!

  12. Those kind of views go up when no new stuff is arriving. I think. I dig into old posts sometimes because I had a long absence. Like binge watching – I recently found Alibb’s “What Is For” challenge and enjoyed reading a bunch of those. Can’t post, little new stuff, get viral by digging I guess. I don’t always comment – I’m just awkward that way. And, probably for the best because I say dumb stuff enough already.
    I have an insane habit of upvoting and loving everything I read. (but not for a few people who express irritation of “view and not comment”). I really want to give people the two Virils but am at a loss to say something genuine. And, there is a time factor.
    I recently took a deep and hard look at what was happening here due to some questions I had. It was interesting.

  13. I noticed that too … I get Virilye but I don’t know who opened the posts … I feel like this is a new one who doesn’t even know how Virily works … that’s my opinion …. I usually don’t comment I’m reading … I’m focused on my comment

  14. I have notice often on weekends others will read and not comment on my posts. Not sure the reason but it happens a lot with my older posts. If I view a post, I will comment, if I have something to say, which is the majority of the time.

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