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The Voice Of Reason

He comes out of the shadow, waiting, for a year, and ..... a friend I didn`t know I had. Just there. Waiting. Instant friends? Hmm,...

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Go Back Home

Haha! You thought you had me and I was sneaking up on you, grabbed you before you know I was there, the kid in...

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When Darkness Comes

The end is near. I know I can feel it. Some people think these feeling are to be ignored but I express the feelings,...

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Don`t Call Me Baby

Oh My God! that is so annoying. Every response has a baby added to it, like "yeah baby" or "how are you baby?" A...

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Looking For My Friend

Haha! That is the happy man. He is so funny. High energy just like me. I know its all in fun, nothing will ever...

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The Voice Of Reason

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When Darkness Comes

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