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One More Layer Fell Off

"Hey girlie girl, no need to think about that at all, I did tell you that I will set things right in your life...

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A Night In The Life

"Be still girlie girl." Said God "I`m trying." I replied. "Life is changing so do as I say, be still and let me do the work....

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The Monster – Then and Now

I know you are there, I can feel you. You`re that ache that is just below the surface, crawling under my skin. Hiding? No....

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All The Numbers

That moment when things make sense, when the numbers mean something. For years I have seen the numbers 6-11 but I never understood them, I...

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Death For Chevy Man

It was the plan for last Friday but life turned a new corner and I was not about to stop life for this drive. Monday...

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One More Layer Fell Off

A Night In The Life

The Monster – Then and Now

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