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Corona- Is it beginning of making the China next super-power?

It all started from Wuhan, China at the end of last year.  It looks like the Chinese have already controlled the situation but the...

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Did you ever miss a city or country where you went for work purpose?

I am leaving Canberra next month. That’s right! I am leaving Canberra forever just when I started to love the place.  I am an...

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Five Random Facts about suny

I have not much information about myself on the internet unless of course you are one of my connections on LinkedIn. However I would like...

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Have you ever watched a game of cricket or know how to play it?

Last month I watched 3 matches of International  T20 cricket  in Canberra and 3 in Melbourne. All sponsored by CommBank. The three teams were...

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Older are wiser and full of hopes- what say?

Oh yes, although I am not going to tell you my age in this post but what I can tell you now is that...

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