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Monsanto and BASF knew about the dicamba drift

Back in February, a farmer in Missouri won a $265 million (USD) settlement against Monsanto and BASF due to the pesticide dicamba that drifted...

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New RoundUp costs Monsanto $39 million (USD) Last week, Monsanto settled a class action suit in Missouri for $39 million (USD).  The reason the settlement occurred is due to a new...

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A New Beginning (Part 18): Stay relentless

During this time of the Covid-19 outbreak, we must choose to remain relentless.  Whatever opponent rises against you, you must desire to stay relentless....

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Neman Grodno defeats Vitebsk 2-0 – Belarus Premier League source Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko does not care if everyone in his country contracts Covid-19.  In Belarus, the games must go on.The final match of...

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Isloch shuts out FC Smolevichy source Things are getting pretty rough for sports fanatics like myself.  The only sports matches that are being played now are in Belarus.  In the...

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Adrian Holman


I am the coolest dwarf in the world.  I was born with a birth defect which affected my growth indirectly due to Monsanto.  I am now 4’7″ tall.  Now, I blog about different topics.

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