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Happy Mother's Day – mov

just thought I would drop in and wish everyone a happy mother's day with this video. it is pretty minimalist, but hopefully still poignant....

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Saint Clarice at Golgotha – MOV

here is a link to a short film called the Making of Saint Clarice at Golgothaalthough it was inspired by Silence of the Lambs,...

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American Gothic

just wanted to wish everyone a happy valentine's day and let you know that I have a youtube channel now. I will be releasing...

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I can't do this anymore

it is time for me to move on now. sorry if this is bad news for anyone else but I just can't. but if...

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wabbajack – WIP

just some designs for the wabbajack. went kinda nuts with the texturing, but hey- it's a wabbajack!! and then a little bonus bit for...

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Happy Mother's Day – mov

Saint Clarice at Golgotha – MOV

American Gothic

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