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that one bedlam who keeps giving me a hard time – WIP

for the most part I've enjoyed working with the bedlams, but the lamp one is really a pain. she's really making me question my...

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nice shirt. looks like a tablecloth…

most of my girls are very capable but every now and again I gotta do a damsel in distress. they're classic. speaking of classic,...

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Ijanti Dagger – WIP

Remember my original Bedlam? the pose never worked for me, so I wanted to get more dynamic with her. Now she seems to be...

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hold on, that's not right – WIP

why'd I call this a scout? nothing about this looks agile- it looks like area denial to me. it's either a light tank or...

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what, her again? – versus

what is wrong with those bedlams? does a lack of binocular vision make you unable to determine which way to face? seriously, I never...

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