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someone's gotta pilot them… WIP

if you remember my latest mecha, you might recall there is even a chair beneath the camo netting but that chair is empty... well...

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bedlam spell slinger – poll

finally got one of them to stop worrying about which direction to face and actually do something useful. cast a deadly spell, you little...

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that spells trouble – WIP

#rimshotokay, I've been talking up the spell effect on the dagger post so much that it might not live up to the hype. but...

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lamp WIPs – woody

so the idea here is to have a library of Japanese lamps just ready to go in case I ever need some for the...

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problematic bedlam poll – WIP

so here she is again, mocking me. the wardrobe is an issue and the prop might be as well. will just keep trying until I...

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