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ok so i don't know how to use a calendar.

Hi, my name is Scott, and I cannot read a calendar.

My apologies this is my last post until things are resolved. I initially said 9/30 for my previous post. That makes today’s second last post my previous post. Or, the last penultimate post.

I will continue to check the site every day. I commit when comments are fixed, I will return and answer all comments.

One of my dearest friends in the entire world always says the following: “I never looked, that way if I found it, it was in the first place I looked.” He says things like that, different than the actual saying on purpose. It got me thinking about saying goodbye. I am not saying goodbye. I will, or I may return if things get fixed. I am just not posting here for the near term. I have enjoyed my time, my friends, and the wild content I have read here.

I thought I would end with a recap of some of my technology projects and their current status.

  1. 3d printer – waiting for the Snapmaker to arrive so I am right now 3d printer free. I have a part of the printer today.
  2. 3d scanning – I’ve gone through four different 3d scanners I still have found one I would recommend.
  3. Cell phones, I have had 16 different spell phones over the last 25 years. I still think the iPhone is, without a doubt, the best one.
  4. I have GoogleCast, and I have used other screen sharing programs. I still think without a doubt, AirTame is the best.
  5. I still prefer over the ear headphones to earbuds.
  6. I now record my podcasts on Maonocaster. It is effortless to use!
  7. I still think 360 cameras are coming – every year, they get better

Thanks – I will check in every single day! If comments get fixed, I will return, although maybe not writing every day.

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    i am not saying goodbye.

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    i am saying let’s see what is going to happen.

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    Don’t give up!

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