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Song Saturday – A beautiful acoustic song for the ages For Song Saturday here is The Last Internationale with a beautiful song for inspiration on a weekend morning. The group also does some hard pounding...

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Dahlias For Virily and All The Virilyans

Dahlias For Virily and All The Virilyans  Thanks Virily for being here - these Dahlias are for you! And also, they are for all the...

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SILHOUETTE SATURDAY – Film "Catch Lightning – 090919 #1" "Catch Lightning - 090919 #1" This film was made especially for the 'Silhouette Saturday" challenge. It runs a whopping 57 seconds which would qualify it...

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Boats Out of Water part 9 – The Paspatoo

The Port Townsend boatyard The boatyard in Port Townsend has a tradition of building, maintaining, repairing, and restoring wooden boats. I’m in the boatyard frequently....

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Color Crazy Challenge – Blue Predatory Metal Cats – Part 2

Predatory Metal Cats 050117         photomontage         © 2017 – Howard Faxon COLOR CRAZY CHALLENGE In conjunction with the "Color Crazy...

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