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The workout – Le Col Faster Further 400 Challenge

I gained a few badges today from my workout at Union Park. Strava challenges inspire me to go beyond during this time of uncertainty...

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The workout – Summer of Skratch

I only needed thirty-four minutes of workout time to complete Summer of Skratch. It was doable and what fueled me at 7 AM to...

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The workout – July 4th – Pt. 2

Hammered out a second ride this morning with hopes to hit 20 miles total which I did. Downtown Chicago is always a refresher for...

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The workout – July 4th – Pt. 1

That tingling feeling I get in my face once my Amino Energy drink kicks in. I take it as an indicator that it is...

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The workout

I was not much in the mood for an outdoor workout today due to the heat, so I relaxed majority of the day. The...

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