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Fashion Sense: You betta work bitch

) Britney Spears v-neck t-shirt by Bella Canvas) Satin Finish Coated jeans by NY&C) Portfolio shoes by Perry Ellis) Feng Shui Black Obsidian Beads...

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Crawford does need to promote himself more

Terrence Crawford does need to promote himself more. If someone is a casual boxing fan they would not even watch his fights unless someone...

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Chris Rock definitely struck a nerve

Oh yeah, Chris Rock definitely struck a nerve with his joke about Jada Pickett Smith. A joke that resulted in Will Smith coming up...

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Fashion Sense: Ath-Casual

) Contrast Reflective Joggers by Forever 21) Ruched Sleeve Top by Jennifer Lopez) Feng Shui Black Obsidian Beads Pixiu Bracelet Attract Wealth Good Luck)...

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Fashion Sense: Air Jordan OG by Nike

) Beanie by C.C) Old Navy Collectabilitees Totally Classic! Superman by Old Navy) Levi's San Francisco Demi Curve Skinny by Levi's®) Air Jordan OG...

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