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One of the things I frequently watch is the reality of logistics. Why? It is a geeky hobby. But one of the things that interest me overall is the reality of shipping and delivery. When FedEx first released the concept of package tracking, you could from the seller or shipper get a number. Then going to the FedEx website, you could look that number up, and it would tell you when your package was being delivered. Seems pretty commonplace now, but at the time, that was a massive investment in making sure they knew where boxes were all the time. The numbering system allowed them to route the package and track the package and realize it was.

The changes in the past three years are remarkable. Now they can notify you that your package is only four stops away from your house. You don’t know how far that is, but you can assume that four finishes are probably less than 2-3 miles overall. Just amazing how much information. Another thing they have had to change in the modern world is they send you a picture of your box, letting you know it is on your porch. The number of porch pirates has continued to increase every year. A porch pirate steals packages from your patio when you are not home. There is even a nomenclature for them, porch pirate. That, sadly, is another recent increase in terms of the world of packages.

Why am I bringing this up>? Well, automated communication isn’t hard. The admins on this site could that if they wanted to. I will leave you with something my grandfather used to tell me many years ago. When you get in a carboy, always check the parking brake. I never understood what that means, until recently, when I watched a show on Model T Fords. You used to leave the parking brake accidentally and not know it until your parking brake was on fire. My grandfather learned to drive in a Model T. I get it now. Always check your parking brake when you get in the car. You never know when the last driver set the parking brake!

If you haven’t done so check your parking brake here on the site. Make sure you have a backup copy of your critical information!

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