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ABBA – The Singing Group

A - Anni-Fried B - Benny B - Bjorn A - Agnetha ANNI-FRID PRINZESSIN REUSS VON PLAUEN, the brunette, was born in Norway and started singing in school...

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Handwriting Analysis – A Fun Hobby

Handwriting analysis, more formally called graphology, used to be one of my favorite hobbies. When I was working I had plenty of people around...

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"Cloverfield" – A Movie Review

When I first saw the trailers on television for "Cloverfield", I was thrilled. An honest-to-goodness monster movie was coming to the screen...something that I...

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Mild, Melted Cheese is a Favorite

I love mild cheeses...especially if they're hot, gooey and stringy - the kind that follows your pizza slice all the way back to the...

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Lies – White or Otherwise

How many different excuses/statements have you heard in a lifetime? What percentage of these were lies, white or otherwise? Did you believe them? If...

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