Some fun facts and smart watch issues!

Time is ticking, and change is coming one way or another four days left three after today.

My all-time favorite article just hit ten million views (The Pizza Delivery Drone). I love the concept of a drone, trying to deliver a pizza to the wrong address.

Of course, in those views, I am curious how many are actual humans. How many are search bots, and how many are repeat views? The formula on the web usually is 7.8 to 1 (bots, reviews, and other automated source site views compared to 1 actual picture). So ten million is closer to about 2.2 million individual viewers; big numbers become small on the internet fast.

It is one of the reasons writing sites often struggle. A great post on a writing site might get 10,000 even 15000 views. A great base on the internet as a whole gets 1 million to 2 million views. It makes writing sites hard to build and make money with.

Many years ago, I used to post fun things my smart swatch was doing. I thought I would replay a few of those.

My smartwatch keeps flashing 12:00

My smartwatch keeps flashing file not found.

I asked my smartwatch for directions; it told me where it wanted me to go. That was not where I wanted to go.

How many smartwatches does it take to change a lightbulb? One. If it is allowed to tighten the band!

Sometimes we have had to have fun in the world around us. Many things are not fun!

Have a great Saturday!

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    Does your watch tell you what to do?

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