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There is no absolute truth. Every form of truth, universal or accepted truth, is tainted with lies – doctored, spun to suit someone else’s...

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365 Photo Challenge – Day 37: Furry Friends – Part 3

"The family that sleep together, stay together..." Of course, I made that up --- still, perhaps that is true basing it from proximity theory. For...

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365 Photo Challenge – Day 36: Gamcheon

For my Day-36, I feature one of the tourist attractions in South Korea - the Gamcheon Culture Village. This has been used as filming...

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Color Crazy Challenge Week 8 – Poetry in “Black and White”

I have to thank my friend, Kim Johnson, for giving me this tip. We discussed about this because I do not have B&W photos...

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Color Crazy Challenge Week 7 – Purple and Pink

It is Thursday in my side of the globe and I almost forgot to write my entry for the Week-7 of the #colorcrazy Challenge created...

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