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What do you think about life in nature?

What do you think about life in nature?Cities are polluted. A house by the river or on a mountain sounds good. A quiet life...

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Do you have a place to go?

What I'm thinking about is something that was announced. What will happen if they declare Lockdown again? There is a lot of talk about...

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After bad economic situation

After a bad economic situation, many people found a job or continued working on an old job. We don't know if Lockdown will happen...

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I am still here

Hello. I've noticed that Virily users don't post articles often. I don’t post articles often. I'm here again. Sometimes I don't have enough time...

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How to resolve a problem of lack of motivation

We all have sometimes lack of motivation. In order to be constantly motivated, we need to regularly feed our mind with motivation. Everyday motivation...

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