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Virily is a vibrant community, oh yeah no moose in this post.


I am not sure why I let the “the likes of you” private message bother me. But thank you to everyone who commented yesterday I am over it now!

Virily, is an application, was the focus yesterday. I am talking about the reality of how complex the application is. That said, I don’t condone the admin teams’ lack of communication. I do agree with CarolDM who has been a long advocate for the community and getting more communication from the Virily team.

The other thing is the rise of new accounts for old users so that they can post again. I do not believe this is against the rules, as long as the old account is removed at some point (after the Virils are moved over, of course). But I do understand that creating a new account has risks on both sides. The first is the relationships we build her eon Virily. I know that two people I’ve read for many years have new accounts. We will see how that works. I am not pointing this out or sharing this to do anything other than bringing up an interesting situation we have right now. We are on day 15 of a partial outage. That is very frustrating for those impacted.

I am in my second day of trying to get to 30 posts, I made it today (33) after yesterday (34). I am going to have to evaluate my options for Sunday, as that tends to be the lightest publication day. It seems that there are quite a few posts being added by the moderators right now. That is good to see overall, but I still see views on the site are down overall. Part of that is we are missing two consistent comments and view writers right now. Not having two people that often comment and read the posts of others is driving views down for many authors.

I have seen a few comments on posts talking about some intent by the admins. I did want to make sure everyone knew that the admin team is broken into two parts. The first part is the read and clear moderation team or the moderators. The second is the more traditional IT or site management team. I don’t think either of those teams has any reason or intent to block, exclude or remove specific authors. I have a working theory that I am trying to gather information to support. I don’t like throwing out accusations or theories if I can’t back them up facts and data.

We have roughly 1/3 of the active users currently unable to create. A few have created new accounts (again I don’t see anything wrong with that just reporting facts). Views this week late compared to this week early are up. They are nowhere near the peak we had hit in August.

It is the day after Halloween and a day sometimes called All Saints Day in the Christian world. Hopefully, you are going to have a great day and a great weekend!

  • are you ok with a Mooseless post?

    • Yes
    • No
  • two days in a row, this weekend (when posts added are reduced) will be hard right?

    • Yes
    • No
  • The 30 posts read, are my goal and not in any way a challenge, ok?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Let’s try and have a great day ok?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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  1. Q: are you ok with a Mooseless post?
    Yes (9 votes) – 69%
    No (4 votes) – 31%
    Q: two days in a row, this weekend (when posts added are reduced) will be hard right?
    Yes (12 votes) – 80%
    No (3 votes) – 20%
    Q: The 30 posts read, are my goal and not in any way a challenge, ok?
    Yes (11 votes) – 85%
    No (2 votes) – 15%
    Q: Let’s try and have a great day ok?
    Yes (15 votes) – 100%

  2. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and keep up with your reading 30 posts a day. I am lucky if I can get an hour on here. So, It’s what I can do it that time that counts. I have been trying to get on here everyday. That’s a lot more than, I have been able to do in the six months, so I see it as a win.

  3. I like the idea of moose anticipation. Perhaps like with moose who get attracted by moose calls we need a Virily call to attract admin. One way or another I sure would be interested one day to find out what good did I serve on Virily to become a reader and commentator but not a person who posts. I am glad that people pull up my old posts and still read them and I get Virils. In view of that I would like to ask you – when it comes to Christmas time since I cannot add new Christmas posts will I be able to pass on my old Christmas posts to the social medias?

      • Thanks for the reply, Doc when Christmas draws closer I will dig them out and share. Do you have any suggestions about content or freelance sites that might be hiring and pay fairly well? I just landed one writing job but their instructions and the way the run the ship is almost like being put in jail and having someone stand around with a whip and I cannot really understand what they want so I have to ex that and move on, I am on Upwork, Guru, FIverr, and Textbroker which I have abandoned a bit but will get back to. So far no big bites on my fishing line,

        • The sites I write for all pay well but they are focused more on deep technical articles. (that take a long time to write so effectively they don’t pay well). Overall not an easy market to break into. I will check with my long-time writing buddies and see if there are places I don’t know about.

  4. Not a challenge but maybe more an inspiration, yeah! you`re an inspiration. I am not sure if I can comment on 30 but I sure as hell can view 30…. I have not counted but I have read and commented on 2 of yours, so far today.

  5. 1. I want the moose.
    2. Even if we write posts they don’t get published over the weekends.
    3. I have a few pending post and some in drafts waiting for the pending ones to clear out.
    4. I am always having a great day thanks. 😀

  6. To be frank I have no idea about how the things are moving out here. I am not very regular in posting for last few weeks for different reasons. However, when I post anything it gets published without any problem. I agree, I am not doing well in commenting on posts.

  7. Well I guess, but I really do like moose. Humm, not a challenge so you expect no one else to do it. However, since you are so willing to give it a try why wouldn’t others try to do the same. You are a great leaders.

    Or perhaps 30 of us could get up Sunday morning and each of us could write a post so you could make your goal. Now that is kind of interesting. Can we ponder that here?

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