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A Travel Article on My Native Place I have been writing travel articles for well over a year. My travel articles cover the prominent tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu, my home...

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Sunrise Through the Thorny Bush

Mohan Babu V I must apologize for not posting regularly on Virily. I was tied up so much that I probably did...

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Do You Have Difficulty Getting Enough Asleep? It is difficult to sleep 8 hours for some people suffering from insomnia. Sleep disorders are becoming common these days. We come across so...

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The Virily Change That Made Me Cry

The Photographer Virily has seen some major changes in the user interface of the authors. I like nearly all the changes, except one. Before...

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Places of Interest in Tamil Nadu, India Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. It has many colonial era buildings created by the British. The city has many picnic spots...

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