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Moderation and balance

January, the first month of the year, will end soon... What about New Year's promises? Have you moved forward at least as much?You know,...

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Usage of incense sticks in Thailand

When I was vacationing in Thailand, I watched how Thais use incense sticks.In Buddhist temples there is a tradition of lighting such sticks, apparently,...

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Nature Tuesday – enjoy whatever you see

The photo for nature challenge reminds me of autumn. It usually comes quietly and unexpectedly. Thousands of multicolored tree leaves color the earth, scatter...

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The beauty of underwater world

Clear sunny weather creates bright colors both on land and at sea. Water seems so turquoise! You just cannot take your eyes off!The underwater...

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What to see in Bahrain – the most famous places worth visiting in Bahrain

Bahrain is situated in one of the larger island Bahrain and several small islands: Muharriaq, Umm al Na'san, Dar, and even more remote Hawar,...

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