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Early mornings

I started to appreciate the mornings more.Get up early, when a cup of coffee becomes not only a morning habit, but also a pleasure...

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That woman on the sidewalk in front of the church - she was kneeling without raising her head, but I saw that she was...

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Miracles in life

A sweet Monday dream. Sometimes I envy animals. That perfect ability of animals to "carpe diem", to capture the moment, to live here and...

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Sky Sunday – dirty clouds of rain

Have you noticed that spiders are already stretching their cobwebs in the sun and autumn is coming to the streets, apples are blushing in...

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The Temptation of Gracie by Santa Montefiore

How good it was after a long time to read something easy. True, the title of the book, in my opinion, does not reflect...

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Early mornings


Miracles in life

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