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It is not for nothing that poetry is written by an inner child. He must be naive, pure, not lying, and having no taboo....

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Velvet Buzzsaw Movie Review

"Velvet Buzzsaw" is the third directorial work of American screenwriter Dan Gilroy. He invited the great Jake Gyllenhaal and his equally wonderful wife Rene...

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Wow moments

Although it is already cool and windy outside the window, my work mornings are full of warmth, coziness, and curiosity, waiting for clients. After...

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Macro Monday – lizard

Did you know that nature can improve creativity by up to 50 percent and reduce stress levels by up to 30 percent? So, looking at...

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Everything has its own harmony

There is also the joy of life when you are not looking for joy, it just comes from nowhere, from everywhere - it can...

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Velvet Buzzsaw Movie Review

Wow moments

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