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The Waiting Game

This waiting game is going out of my patience. I  don't know what is happening here or there is any communication.  Every day I...

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Do something Great.

Hi everyone. How are you all doing?we have already passed half of the year 2020. So far as per me, this year is not...

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Solar Eclipse and Taboos

Solar eclipse a Natural phenomenon that happens at a regular interval. It happens when Moon comes in-between Sun nd earth in a straight line....

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Winter is here.

The temperature here is going down and the sunlight we used to get here is decreasing these days. This is the time of winter...

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What is This, Is it true

Wow wow wow! I would like to show you something which I found very weird. I just see one of my last posts that you...

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The Waiting Game

Do something Great.

Solar Eclipse and Taboos

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