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Pets love us unconditionally

Pets tend to try to keep their owner’s safe and well.  Eclipse is taking it easy loving the outside. We love him and he...

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Poll: Vegetables Or Fruits

Health-conscious people know how important it is to eat their fruits and vegetables.  Just decided to find out from you all if you prefer...

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Feel Blessed Today?

Today with all the news about the Pandemic many feel depressed. While it is a matter of great concern, we can all count the...

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Cats Can Or Can Not

I just read about how cats can draw negative energy from people from a Facebook post. What is your opinion on this subject. Our...

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Troubled Minds

My mind has been troubled, and even more so today. Someone I love just showed me she is having a troubled mind. Her mind...

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Pets love us unconditionally

Poll: Vegetables Or Fruits

Feel Blessed Today?

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