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CoffeeTalkChallenge By tasartcraft -#2 Needed A Friend

tasartcraft start a CoffeeTalk Challenge, where members can talk over things, and maybe get some much-needed answers.I posted before about someone having trouble coping...

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Stacy Happy With Zinger During Coronavirus Pandemic

The Corona Virus is scaring many people today. We are all trying to do the social distancing advice. Stacy is doing pretty well-considering everything,...

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Coffee Talk: LockDown

tasartcraft started a challenge called Coffee Talk. It is about talking about our thoughts over a cup of coffee, but a cup of tea...

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Stacy's Turkey Meatloaf

Stacy as many of you know loves to cook, so why her place is on lockdown she loves to cook with me. The recipe...

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Mom's Soup

This is a picture of my mom's soup. The soup is full of vegetables like tomatoes, corn, pulled pork, and green beans. She had...

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