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Is there anyone still posting?

Is anyone here still posting on Virily regularly? This always was a great writing site for everyone to share their thoughts with the world. Is...

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Mother’s love for birds

My wonderful mother died January 19th of this year. She had about 12 cardinal girls and their mates outside her window at the facility...

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Haiku Poem: Life Lessons

Life has taught me many things about this life. What is our purpose for our life?  I have been praying all the way to...

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Hello from LaJenna and question about this plant

I have been away from Virily for a long time. I thought it was going to shut down. I feel this site has a...

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Pets love us unconditionally

Pets tend to try to keep their owner’s safe and well.  Eclipse is taking it easy loving the outside. We love him and he...

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