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#298 Of The 365 Day Photo Challenge: Our Christmas Decorations

This is #298 of the 365-day photo challenge, and anyone can join, just post a photo for 365 days.This is a picture of our...

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#297 Of The 365 Day Photo Challenge: Christmas Snowmen Just Hanging Around

This is #297 of the 365-day photo challenge, and anyone can join, just share a photo for 365 days.I was visiting my mom a...

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LaJenna's-My Happy List

ellie925 started a challenge that is all about writing a happy list. Put My Happy List into the title and the tags.My Happy List for...

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RAINWATER by SANDRA BROWN-Prologue and Epilogue

I put this post under entertainment, was this the best choice? I thought about posting it in the OTHER category but thought Entertainment would...

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Sandra Brown-RAINWATER Review

The book RAINWATER is fictional The historic events, real people, and places are used fictitiously. Other names etc are used by the author's imagination....

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