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Do you remember your first post here on Virily?


Do you ever wander old posts? One of the things I do every once in a while is bundled up my posts and turn them into a PDF file. WordPress hosts my technical and family history blogs. Normally I publish here on Virily and then back up to Pinterest and my WordPress blogs 2-3 days after posting here. I just created a family history blog back up in late November for the past year. The cost is pretty reasonable (around 9 dollars the US), but you can’t backup directly from Virily. I use a program called Blog to Print. (Blog2print). I started wandering some of my old posts. The ten posts I made on Virily are all with between 54, the lowest, and 894 (the highest) views.

It is interesting when Virily was young, and I didn’t post every day. I did later, but at the time, I was posting between Niume and Virily. I don’t know that I had selected Virily at that point; I was considering several other sites. One of the things I noticed in looking at some of my old posts is that back in the day, I did movie reviews. I started publishing poetry here on Virily more than three years ago. But I also did movie reviews. Then I started wondering, how did you start writing here on Virily? What kind of articles did you start out contributing here? Where did you come from? Is Virily the first writing site that you were on, is it your only blog?

Virily has paid for three years. In the writing site world, that is amazing. As I am wandering through my old posts, I am amazed sometimes. I have posts that are years old that don’t have comments. I have posts that have lots of views form years ago, but still a few comments.

I want to end up with the cautionary tale of Niume. Backup your blogs when you can! Make sure you have a complete copy of the blog in your backup. Niume was a great site, but with the death of the creator, it went away very fast. The problem for me, and several writers on the site, was that we had many posts on the site, and the export feature didn’t work for people with more than 1000 posts.

Backup your blogs! Go back and see what your first post on Virily was?

My first post on Virily

My first shared poem

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    have you ever done a movie review on Virily?

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    Have you ever shared a poem on Virily?

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    Have you gone back to see your first post?

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  1. I do remember my first post here. However Virily isn’t my first site I have been around these sites for 10 years now. I mostly write about plants flowers, nature animals and stuff. I enjoy being here. I usually write on self hep topics on other sites.

    Yes (3 votes) – 20%
    No (12 votes) – 80%
    Yes (6 votes) – 50%
    No (6 votes) – 50%
    Yes (10 votes) – 67%
    No (5 votes) – 33%

  3. Actually Doc I would love to see what my first posts were out of interest, Everything I have ever written I have saved on my PC in folders for each site. However, there are 152 pages of my posts. Do I have to go through all of them to get to my very first post or is there a way to go right to the end?

  4. Very good post, Scott. I remember well when I came to Virily mid 2017. I was grieving a deep loss and needed some new activity, which, it turned out, was to post quizzes. I had near-zero interest in earning revenue, though I had earned substantially on Tsu previously. The reason I selected Virily was purely because of their quiz software, and when I discovered I could earn some pin money, than was a nice extra 🙂 Sadly I have found no effective way to back up my quizzes nor any other site to host them. So I just gotta hope Virily keeps going !

  5. Very interesting topic! My posts haven’t changed very much since the beginning – they are mostly about photos I have taken, food, and other random things that interested me at the moment. Sadly, my first post on virily is affected by the missing content issue so it is not worth beeing seen anymore.

  6. I haven’t had a lot of time to do that but it sounds a good idea. I used to belong to a group called “Lasting Impressions” that included poetry, songs and art work. I learned so much from it. I kept some of my writing but the format of writing changed and I lost some of the work.

  7. Going back to your first posts is easy – the problem with around 750 posts is looking at number 375! I have masses of material in store – much of it having been contributed to other sites that died years ago – and I would like to use that material on Virily but have no idea whether I have already done so. A lack of a search engine makes it a bit of gamble.

    I maintain a set of blogs on Google Blogger – which is fairly easy to search. My factual Virily posts are preserved there, along with posts that have appeared elsewhere.

  8. Last year, I went through my posts from the first published post. With less than 50, it was easy and as is your case, some had more views, others less comments.
    When Helium ceased its operations in 2013, I had lost more than 100 posts. The same case with Suite101, YourSayToo, Suite. io, AssociatedContent and others. I miss the sites.

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