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Science Story: “What Happens When a Plant Grows in Orbit?”

What’s it like on the moon? Have you heard of our great earth’s geniuses of our time? His wonderment led him to NASA. His scientific...

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Maxine Waters’ phone call with “Greta Thunberg”: ‘Did he make you cry?'”

Just as we enter 2020 politics, a new wave of fun is creeping through the political climate again. Here’s a fun-poke at the Congresswoman,...

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Can you recommend off-the-beaten path travel websites?

Retirement is not too far away. Googling Adventure on off-the-beaten vacation and places to go to is part of the picture in our plan...

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Virily’s Newbie’s Response About Virileans’ Edited Published Old Blog Posts

That's it!  With illumination and logic (as my photo shows), I gotta say,  I don't care at all. I will search out for you on...

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The Big Burly Warrior Chink Cares

WRITERS DAILY,  January --- Novelist Milly Coulter polled yesterday,  Is  name 'Chink' for a  big burly warrior offensive to Asians?' "Millions of Asian readers of your...

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About me

Generally easygoing

I’m usually easy going. As I grow older, I learn to see better days ahead, the sun always shines the next day. Tomorrow is always a new beginning.

Children bring a lot of the secrets of being happy everyday. Do my best with them as soon as I rise up, when I walk by the way, and when I sit , and when I lie down reflecting about each day fulfilled.

Better days ahead.

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