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Can you find poetry anywhere?

Joseph Joubert says you won't find it. He says that you will not find poetry elsewhere. Poetry isn't anywhere to unravel those lingering thoughts...

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Virils are also locked down to ground zero for reading posts and commenting

Maybe I'm wrong. Or, I probably am lost at where to go inspect about the matter-- that virils have been withheld (I hope for...

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Easy Prey

Suddenly out of work after twenty good months in the work force as casual. I've come to understand the importance of relocating my mind...

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Thick Skin

Amazingly the heaviest and largest among the organs in the human body. Our skin makes up about 1/7th of our body weight.  If you...

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Good Intentions and Don’t Press that Snooze Button, Please!

Good intentions. We have these confusing thoughts sometimes. Good intentions whether to act or carry them out. What’s this long-range goal we've built up...

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About me

Homeschooling Mama since 1990.Generally easygoing

I’m usually easy going. As I grow older, I learn to see better days ahead, the sun always shines the next day. Tomorrow is always a new beginning.

Children bring a lot of the secrets of being happy everyday. Do my best with them as soon as I rise up, when I walk by the way, and when I sit , and when I lie down reflecting about each day fulfilled.

Better days ahead.

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