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Response from Virily Support

Just got a reply from one of my messages to Virily about the Create button issue. 

Here it is, short and sweet…

…”Hey, This will be fixed asap. Don’t worry.”

Now, does that make anyone feel better? Hope so. We will see. Would have been nice to have a message at the top of the screen about the issue. Would only take a few seconds to reassure everyone. Oh well, have a great day everyone. 

Eeyore and I have things to get done today. Have a good one. 

  • Does this reply make you feel better about the Create button issue?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you agree there should have been some type of site message about this issue?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Communication is necessary in all relationships, agree?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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Written by Carol DM

Enjoy nature photography. Amateur self-taught photographer and love every minute of the photos from my yard and Dustin's garden. Sunset views from my deck are very peaceful to watch, capture and share. I have two cats, Brendel and the Dude. I share both special and funny moments I capture of them with you.

Also enjoy seeing and reading your posts from all over the world.

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        • Doc they are clearly telling me I am not wanted on this site. With a heavy heart, I have to accept that. I will be here until Nov 1 I do not expect things to change and will read and comment and then this struggling writer will have to make a very difficult decision.

          • i promise you they are not telling you that. There are too many people at this point impacted for it to be anything personal.

            But you should express frustration, anger and you are right! I remember when the site was down a couple of years ago. It was so frustrating.

          • Trust me … we’ve all been through this kind of … *shit* (sorry to use it, but this word have kinda venting effect :p) one time or another …

            It just happens … sad to say but Virily is plagued with errors whenever there is some update and then “chronic” glitches when not 😐

    • You are welcome Andrea, not sure how much good I am doing. We will see. I think we all have problems with polls. What I do when I create one, I save it, then preview, and do it again if need be until it looks correct.

  1. Eeyore looks just as disgusted as I am with such a pitiful answer. It was a good answer to send to a teenager but to an adult… Anyway, I have to say I did not have any problem with the create button but maybe I missed that issue… Have a good day Carol.

  2. I even did not notice there was ay issue with this button, but my day was a bit busy, I came to the site not long ago. It is good to know you got an answer, it means our communication with Virily staff is getting better.

  3. As everyone has the chance to make some pennies and as everyone has a chance to interact and exchange ideas with others I wonder how long I will have to wait. Perhaps they will eventually forget me… Just stepped on a very sore nerve today and I feel like I do not want to come on here until I know I can also share but then it would not be fair to others that I at least did not read so here I am but very disappointed

    • I feel as you do. And to pretend it is some ‘glitch’ is more than dishonest. It is a deliberate targeting. If….a big IF the create button returns, you and I will be last. This is why it suits us to join a site like this using a proxy so they will think we are in the US

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