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Wearing my face mask on public transport.

Since we have to wear face masks on public transport, I got myself this face mask off Ebay with strawberries on it.  I'm not...

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A view from where I work.

I often take photographs when I'm at work, only because I feel luck to have such a lovely view of the river in my...

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Summer is here at last!

Hello everyone.  How are you all doing? It's been a while since I've been on Virily.  I don't really have a good enough excuse...

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A seagull resting for a drink

I was sitting in the garden earlier on this afternoon reading my book and enjoying the hot weather.  According to the forecast, it has...

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A view of the windfarms from the beach

The picture is one I took the other day as I went for a walk on the beach in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, England....

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