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Response From Virily to Share

I have sent many emails to Virily concerning the issue of not seeing any ads on the site. And expressed to them our concerns about this potential issue and possible non-payment as a result.

Today I finally got a short reply. I wanted to share with you to perhaps give you some hope. The reply simply said…

…”You will be paid, don’t worry. And everything will be fixed soon.”

So there you have it, we will see how much we get paid. Sounds good so far.

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. I was worried that virily has all these problems combined with the fact that they don’t approve posts everyday. We have to wait for two to three days before posts are approved, that would mean only 3 sometimes 4 working days in a week.

  2. Well call me nuts. I had not even noticed there were no ads on Virily lately probably because I see ads everywhere on the internet and TV. Still a big thanks to you for noticing and caring and getting an answer such as it is.


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